LET'S welcome them warmly in GRAZ!!

DJ Tuli  (London, England)

DJ Albert Lindo (Graz, Austria) 


DJWillyViper1.jpgWilfrid Vertueux is acting the turntables since his 1997 gig at the Montecristo Café, Willy aka "The Viper," is now one of the time-tested master DJs of the city of Light, Paris. House DJ in several of Paris's hottest clubs, (formerly Barrio Latino, Balajo, The Djoon Club, O'Sullivans and Les Etoiles), Willy also sets the beat for several other parties and congresses in France and around the world. A founding member of the Parisian salsa collective Papas DJs, he became later on, one perfectly-balanced half of the Dance Angels team. Now Willy the Viper is following and extending his musical path of sharing good vibes like a lonesome beloved renagade. Music wise, despite the fact that he's regularly booked to events dedicated to 'on-line dancers' or crossbody leaders, Viper enjoys spinning all type of styles for the dancers, from mambo, cha cha cha, guaguanco, son montuno, salsa clasica or dura to romantica, even cuban, or due to his caribbean background, bachata, zouk, kompa and kizomba-semba, the whole choice depending on the crowd and its taste. 'There are more bad DJs making the wrong choices than bad music' should be one of his guidelines.