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  • BUSRA & JONATHA (Salsa, Styling)
  • OSBANIS & ANNETA (Cuban Salsa, Rueda, Son)
  • SAMUEL & SOPHIA (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba)
  • SERGIO & BEIGE (Bachata)


BUSRA & JONATHA (Turkey& Italy)

Busra_Jonatha.jpeg Busra Araci is a very talented dance instructor, performer and choreographer from Turkey. She quickly got famous in Europe due to her fantastic Lady Styling classes and performances with Grupo Alafia and also her partner Jonatha Casarin from Italy.

In the workshops they have a great talent of explaining difficult moves so well and making them easy to learn. On the dancefloor you will love their elegant style and the unique interpretation of the music. They are also an amazing social dancers and we are so looking forward to have them in Graz!



OSBANIS & ANNETA (Cuba/Poland)

Osbanis_Anneta.jpgOsbanis Tejeda and Anneta Kepka are London based internationally renowned artists, teachers, choreographers & performers. They share between them World and UK Champion titles. Osbanis and Anneta’s fresh and unique dance style perfectly characterizes the fusion of Cuban dance. With Osbanis’ rich knowledge and background as a well-respected Cuban musician, their focus is on the importance of musical interpretation, in addition to incorporating Rumba & Afrocuban movement to Casino. Osbanis and Anneta teach and perform all around the world as well as at their ever-popular regular classes in London. Their infectiously passionate personalities and warm hearts make every class with them enjoyable, meaningful, very inspiring and will definitely leave you hungry for more! Their personalities perfectly complement each other and this is always evident on the dancefloor. Their flawless performances are full of excitement and enthusiasm for both - the music and the dance - and are certainly not to be missed!




SamuelSophia.jpgSamuel and Sophia (Funflow Dance) are dancers, instructors and choreographers based in Madrid, Spain. And they are one of the most multitasking dance couples over there: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Pachanga... just name it and they do it all! They both give an extra spicy touch to the Afro Latin rhythms mixing them with Samuel's Hip Hop energy and Sophia's Arabic and African flavour. Dancing is their passion and they absolutely adore social parties having non-stop "funflow" with everyone. So ladies and gentlemen, get ready to rock the dance floor with them! Samuel and Sophia on stage are the perfect mixture of style and flavour. Their classes, characterized by their methodical teaching and their spontaneous sense of humor, are very well known and appreciated in the dancing community. Are you ready to have a lot of FUNFLOW with them???



_1011140.jpgBeige from Budapest (Hungary) is a renown teacher and one of the most beloved & versatile female dancers in the scene, as she has been performing and teaching worldwide Bachata, Salsa, Kizomba & Styling for more than 10 Years now. This fusion combined with a folklore background, and an amazing musicality gives Beige a very personal signature style, that people love. Always with a smile and willing to dance, you will always find her in the middle of the dance floor. She lives and teaches for more than 7 years in Vienna, where in 2016 she opened MyDance Vienna, which became one of the biggest latin dance studio of the city, offering all Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba styles.
Sergio Timbachata from Gran Canaria (Spain) is known for his passion and  towards everything he does. The mixing of the Sensual approach of Bachata and the energy of a Cuban timba heart, makes Sergio is a very special dancer. Specially known for his approach towards teaching, Sergio has been working internationally all around the world for 5 years now. Loving social dancing & animations, for sure you will meet Sergio in the middle of the party! In 2017 he moved to Vienna, but every year his famous summer festival TIMBACHATA brings him and all TIMBA & BACHATA lovers back to the beautiful island of Gran Canaria. Beige & Sergio met in Vienna and decide to join forces by the end 2017. Sharing the same vision about dedicate teaching and creative dancing, and with different backgrounds that complement each other,  they are one of the most exciting and up-coming couples. Currently they run the school MyDance Vienna together and organise Vienna Bachata Congress. 




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